The digital model at MIPIM

The Saint-Philippe architecture competition, STIC campus and digital overview of the department: These were the digital projects presented by the CSTB from its position on the ”Sophia Antipolis” stand next to SYMISA (Sophia Antipolis Joint Association) and SAEM (Mixed Ownership Company). At the controls: Eric Lebegue and Julien Soula of the CSTB MODEVE (Enhanced Virtual Environment Modelling) Division. Browsing the models was a surprise and delight to many… “Nicolas Michelin, the architect of the Saint-Philippe designated development project, navigated around his project with the joystick, reports Eric Lebegue. Most surprised of all was Jean-Michel Wilmotte, architect of the STIC Campus project, when he discovered the virtual model of his project. He thought he was viewing a film! And much appreciated being able to move around within it!

Saint-Philippe architecture competition, Le Corbusier® Immersion room

Our friends at the adjacent stand, Nice Côte d’Azur, also presented the digital model of the Plaine du Var National Interest Operation (OIN) developed by the CSTB under a collaboration with the dedicated State Institution for that operation. Another successful interactive 3D presentation of such a large-scale project!

Many visitors could see for themselves the impact of the digital model, its communicative powers and the potential it represents to follow the life cycle of a project such as SYMISA, SAEM and Nice Côte d’Azur…The Fair enhanced the CSTB’s reputation and visibility in this area, particularly among well-known and recognised architects.

Digital models for Alpes-Maritimes

Saint-Philippe architecture competition
An architecture competition was launched for development of the Saint-Philippe II designated area, a tertiary and housing complex of 20,000 m² near the municipality of Saint-Philippe. The CSTB was appointed by the Sophia-Antipolis SAEM (Mixed Ownership Company) to define the environmental specification for the project, contribute its technical expertise and assist the candidates with preparation of their digital models. The designs were presented last December for the winner to be selected in the CSTB’s Le Corbusier® Immersion room, where the models could be freely browsed. The winning design was the one from Bouygues Immobilier presented at MIPIM in Cannes.
To find out more: Read the article in the February 2009 Webzine 

STIC Campus
An extension to the Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies Campus (University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis) will be built in the next few years around the current site of the Polytech’Nice school and the university restaurant. In 2006, on behalf of Alpes-Maritimes General Council, the team from CSTB EVE (Enhanced Virtual Environment) produced a virtual interactive model of the project, in collaboration with the architectural firm of Jean-Marie Wilmotte. It is a complete digital model including some modelled interiors such as the future amphitheatre and a few classrooms.

Virtual overview of the department and Sophia-Antipolis
The CSTB has produced a complete digital model of Alpes-Maritimes. It is general and includes few precise details, but the section on Sophia Antipolis is much fuller. It combines all the 3D models of the designs presented for the Saint-Philippe architecture competition and the digital model of the STIC campus.

Plaine du Var OIN
The CSTB is partnering the Plaine du Var Public Development Establishment (EPA) to support its debate on sustainable development of the area. The EPA has asked the CSTB to develop a digital model of the area to assist with its coordination of the many parties involved and its communication campaigns among local authorities and the public. This full digital model will include GIS and environmental data and data from the various detailed digital models of the designs which could potentially be built on the site. At IMAGINA 2009 the CSTB presented the eveGIS software that will be used to construct this digital model.

Campus STIC
Campus STIC
Campus STIC

SB Alliance also on the bridge…

As secretary of SB Alliance (Sustainable Building Alliance), Alfonso Ponce, International Marketing and Operations at CSTB, presented this international network at MIPIM. It was formed in 2008 with the objective of harmonising the methods for evaluation of environmental quality at international level. Its members are evaluation and research organisations and parties interested in sustainable building and regional development.