June 2009

Environment & Energy

RECOLCI harmonises energy rehabilitation and apartment buildings

The contribution by France and Belgium to the IEA (International Energy Agency) Annex 50 is called RECOLCI. Under the leadership of ArcelorMittal and in collaboration with a number of partners, the CSTB (Scientific & Technical Centre for Building) is working on the development of energy rehabilitation solutions for apartment buildings through integrated components. The midway review point has been reached.

SIMBIO: for energy efficient buildings

The CSTB, CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) and CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research have combined their strengths in the same collaborative research project – SIMBIO – supported by ADEME and PUCA (Urban Development Construction & Architecture Plan). The challenge is to develop innovative software suites enabling successful completion of the whole of a real estate project, to be offered to construction professionals. And fully consistent with the new energy requirements.

Energy Positive buildings and electric cars: the new paradigm for energy savings ?

Buildings and transport are inseparable when establishing a coherent policy to reduce energy consumption. Some discussions within the CSTB challenge quite a few received ideas.

Chinese Eco-cities project and the sustainable buildings of the future

The city of Shanghai will host the 2010 Universal Exhibition. An event at which the CSTB will present its campaigns and plans on sustainable development at building and urban level, with funding from the Ministry of the Economy, Industry & Employment (MINEFE).

CSTB exports its solar expertise to the Maghreb

Since 2000, the CSTB has been working on setting up laboratories for testing solar thermal components and systems in Morocco and Tunisia. Armed with its expertise in this field, the CSTB has provided technical support to the Moroccan and Tunisian authorities in the design, dimensioning, implementation and operation of these laboratories, through to validation of the results.

Risk management & Security

E-Site: the construction site in the digital era

Risk management is a fundamental element of the construction process. It involves taking control of unforeseen events with regard to the problem to be resolved, the route to be followed and the group of people involved. Software tools giving a detailed description of the events and decisions can help this group to deal with the unforeseen events through real time management of events and overall control of the construction process.

Warning of earthquake risks in Alpes-Maritimes

Eric Ciotti, President of the General Council of Alpes Maritimes, presented the awareness raising tool for earthquake resistance quality of the buildings in the department on Friday 24 April. Produced by the CSTB, the CD-Rom “Earthquake resistant construction for a sustainable housing stock” aims to improve allowance for the risk starting from the building design phase.


Sports and leisure under air cushions

The roofing to the climbing room and pool area at Neydens Leisure Centre has just successfully undergone an ATEx (Technical Experimental Assessment). Its unusual feature is the 3,600 m² of ETFE air cushions over such a large area for a technique and material used outside France in projects as prestigious as the Allianz Arena built for the 2006 Football World Cup and the “Bird’s Nest” Stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The digital model at MIPIM

It was the first time that the CSTB had exhibited at MIPIM, held from 10 to 13 March in Cannes. MIPIM is the international venue for real estate professionals and is the place to see the challenges and trends in the sector. Over the four days nearly 30,000 visitors came along. The CSTB presented several digital model projects.