BIM's Day, digital model day

BIM'S Day was held in the framework of the Building Smart international meetings (from May 10 to 15) in Paris.  May 13 was set aside for ISO-IFC standard BIM, an innovation for the construction sector.  All professionals in the industry were invited to discover this technical data exchange system that offers prospects in terms of productivity, competitiveness and sustainable development.

The morning's reflections were dedicated to the international organization of the BIM-IFC, and to feedback from experience in foreign countries.  About forty international building professionals (United States, Benelux, Finland, Norway, Japan, Italy, etc.) met players in the sector to develop their views on the BIM and to present details of progress with their projects.

An up to date presentation of the current situation in France was made around the eXpert project during the afternoon, and it was found that France was not lagging behind in the use of new digital technologies!  The leading professional building organisations, including CSTB, federated around eXpert to develop an innovative digital policy and improve the competitiveness of contractors.

BIM'S Day was also a high point for the eXpert project.  Project partners met organisations involved in the building industry to show them the trade-related, economic and environmental potentials of this system.  Its missions for the last two years have been to increase awareness and provide information to control changes to practices aimed at better integration of ICT by all building professions.

City of Lorient, Palais des Congrès - Credit: Archimen

eXpert: June 30, 18h: Cobaty (Limoges)

Like the event prepared for the Vienne, Maine-et-Loire and Indre-et-Loire Cobatys, the Cobaty hosted the eXpert project in Limoges.