50,000 NF Etudes Thermiques® certified studies

NF Etudes Thermiques® certification concerns the implementation of thermal studies complying with regulations currently in force and adapted to meet the expectations of the customer, relating to the quality of associated services and the organisation set up.  This certification also validates the organisation of the engineering consultant itself, and the quality of the studies it undertakes and associated services.  It thus constitutes objective recognition of the quality of the services supplied.

With energy performance at the centre of building enhancement objectives, it is important for clients to be able rapidly to identify contacts having already demonstrated their expertise.  It also provides the means for engineering consultants having adopted in this quality approach to stand out among their competitors.  Certification, based on a detailed internal audit of working methods, is valid for a period of three years but can be withdrawn at any moment.  The players must consequently take appropriate measures to check compliance with certification requirements on a day-to-day basis, in particular in terms of self-audit or project monitoring.

Any entity conducting thermal studies and possessing third party, professional and ten-year insurance currently in force and covering the execution of thermal studies, is entitled to request authorisation to use the NF Etudes Thermiques brand name.