NF Tertiary Buildings in Operation - HQE® Approach: from construction to sustainable operation

CertiVéA, the structure certification organisation, has marked an additional step in sustainable development by including the operation of existing buildings in the NF Tertiary Buildings–HQE® Approach certification.  This certification has been impatiently awaited by players in the sector and is applicable to all types of tertiary buildings in operation, regardless of whether or not they have been NF Tertiary Buildings - HQE® Approach certified during construction.  This certification now covers all buildings other than health buildings.

The specific nature of this new certification is related to an environmental performance obtained by combined environmental qualities of the building, operation (equipment maintenance, maintenance of spaces, monitoring of consumption and comfort parameters, etc.), and good practices (good practices of occupants, the operator, service providers, etc.).

Thus, it provides an assurance that environmental concerns are taken into account during the operating process of the structure, which requires:

  • Guaranteed minimum conditions for the Intrinsic Environmental Quality of the structure.
  • Continuous improvement to the Intrinsic Environmental Quality of the structure during the life of the building.
  • Implementation of appropriate monitoring and service/maintenance procedures.
  • Promotion of good usage and operation practices.

About ten buildings are expected to be certified before the end of the year and several major players in the activity (operators, owners, real estate companies, etc.) have already shown their desire to generalise the approach to cover all assets concerned.

First certified operations

Eight office building and industrial building operations were NF Tertiary Buildings in operation – HQE® Approach certified on January 9 this year.

Building 270, Aubervilliers (93)

  • Operation client:  Jean-Claude Tchuindibi
  • Owner:  Icade
  • Operator:  Eurogem
  • Offices & shops

Bouygues SA Head office (Paris 8th district)

  • Operation client:  Philippe Metges
  • Owner & operator:  32 Hoche GIE
  • Offices

Printania – Bouygues Telecom customer relation centre, Bourges (18)

  • Operation client, owner & operator:  Bouygues Telecom
  • Offices

Philips France Head office "Verdi buildings", Suresnes (92)

  • Operation client:  Philips France
  • Owner:  Vendôme Croidor
  • Operator:  Dalkia
  • Offices

Coeur Défense, La Défense (92)

  • Operation client:  M. Bonnecarrère – Société Atemi
  • Owner:  BNP Paribas
  • Operator:  Optimège Building Management (Dalkia Group)
  • Offices

Terra Nova 3, Montreuil-sous-Bois (93)

  • Operation client:  Generali Immobilier Gestion
  • Owner:  Generali Vie
  • Operator:  SPIE Maintenance
  • Offices

Macif Paris Head office, Paris 15e

  • Operation client:  Opteor – Vinci Energies
  • Owner:  Macif Group through its SIEM real estate company (Macif Group Operation Real estate company)
  • Operator:  Opteor
  • Offices

EDF tower, La Défense (92)

  • Operation clients:  Protertia FM & AEW Europe
  • Owner:  SAS Immobilière PB6
  • Operator:  Protertia FM
  • Offices

Approved environmental quality

According to a TNS-Sofres investigation published in December 2009, the environmental quality of tertiary buildings is a concern shared between employees and their managers:

  • 43% of employees questioned are not at all satisfied or not very satisfied with the environmental quality in their work places.
  • 43% of companies questioned place this same environmental quality, associated with a significant sustainable development policy for general services, among their priority criteria for the choice of new premises.