ELODIE, two years later...

The ELODIE software was developed by CSTB to evaluate the intrinsic environmental performances of a building over its entire life cycle.  It advances from the "product" scale to the "structure" scale, using EPDs and thermal and water consumptions for the structure.  A beta test version of the software was put on line in 2008.  More than 1 160 persons are now registered.

Although EPD’s produced by manufacturers provide detailed and exhaustive information about construction materials, they might appear complex to professionals who have not used them very much.  ELODIE is directly interfaced to the INIES base which includes all FDESs, and above all is intended to be easy to use and simple to learn.  CSTB's engineers have enriched the content of the beta version.  ELODIE has been tested by design offices, architects, clients and project managers, to determine functionality needs, and has changed.  The large amount of feedback from users has improved the tool and made it even more complete:  400 EPD’s, default values (to satisfy the need for data for product families not included) and shortly 300 PEPs (Product Environmental Profile for electrical components) will be available to perform the studies.

"After several years research and more than a year of testing, we decided to increase the pace before the first quarter of 2010, by training players and then handing the tool over to them" says Jacques Chevalier, CSTB Environment Engineer.

Licenses will be issued to professionals as early as 2010, but only after they have been trained on use of the tool.  Three sessions have already been programmed in the Grenoble and Champs-sur-Marne plants.  "The decision to impose compulsory training represents the intention to release this version of the tool under good working conditions and to avoid dangers related to free distribution" says Alexandra Lebert, CSTB Environment Engineer.  The beta version will still be on line and accessible freely.

Eventually, ELODIE will be quickly upgraded to satisfy the needs of all construction players.  It will become a federating and transverse tool bringing together other tools and aspects such as acoustic comfort, indoor air quality, visual comfort, etc.

Special training


  • To identify indicators to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings
  • To know how to use the ELODIE tool to measure this performance, to optimise the environmental design of a building and compare construction solutions

Project Managers, public and private clients, agents or delegate clients, programmers, client assistants, material manufacturers and construction product manufacturers, building companies including all trades.


  • Quantification of the environmental performances of buildings
    Definition of indicators
    Reference values
    Standards NF P01-020-1 and XP P01-020-3
  • The Life Cycle approach
    Methodological inputs
    Requirements and the method of evaluating a project
  • Contribution of construction products to environmental impacts of the structure
    The environmental and health characteristics of products according to standard NF P01-010
    The use of Environmental and Health Declaration Sheets on the scale of buildings
  • Contribution of the structure operation to environmental performance of the structure
    The example of energy and water consumption indicators
  • The Elodie software
    Presentation and use of the tool in eco-design and in the framework of an environmental certification approach.

Practical information
Duration:  1 day
Rate:  2,000 € (net of taxes, including lunch)*
Location:  CSTB Vincennes
Dates:  March 15 / July 2 / November 3

* Including supply of the home version of ELODIE, including the construction product, energy and water modules.
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