Certisolis TC, subsidiary specialising in Tests and Certification of the performances of solar photovoltaic modules

Certisolis offers the most advanced test methods in the field to its customers (photovoltaic module manufacturers, dealers, importers, installers), and players in the photovoltaic industry (energy production companies, clients, private individuals, etc.) can use it to choose products with the best quality and performance guarantees in the long term.

Certisolis is the only PV performance certification laboratory in France.

Main tests and equipment

  • Optical tests
  • Mechanical tests (wind, snow, hail)
  • Climatic tests (hot, cold, humidity)
  • Electrical tests
  • Safety tests
  • Class A pulsed solar simulator
  • Steady state solar simulator
  • Climatic chambers
  • Hail impact
  • UV chamber
  • Mechanical loads