Technical assessments and certifications of construction products and processes

CSTB is a first class player on the technological assessment tests, production control and productcertificationmarket.  The technical assessments that it offers contribute to improving the use ofproducts and implementation of processes in construction.  CSTB is a specialist in the assessment ofinnovative techniques and products, and is also one of the leading European research and evaluationcentres.

In France, CSTB is the leader for the assessment of the suitability of systems, materials, elements orequipment intended for use in construction when their novelty or insufficient feedback from practicaluse has not yet provided convincing proof to the various players working in construction.

Apart from assessment of the suitability of construction processes, CSTB cooperates with producersand users for the development and application of voluntary certifications of the quality of productsand associated services, for which the market has expressed a need.CSTB assessments were designed (and are continuously upgraded) to satisfy all needs of the French,European and international markets.  

CSTB is recognized for its independence, neutrality and therelevance of internal and external expertise used in the context of these assessments.

CSTB maintains continuous international relations with the most important research and assessmentinstitutions in the construction world, and has done so ever since its creation.  In this context, CSTBis the French representative of the European Union of Agrément (UEAtc), the precursor body for Europeanharmonization in terms of assessment, and that is made up of member countries of the EuropeanUnion.For manufacturers, distributors, traders and importers of products intended for construction, CSTBoffers one-stop service to help them determine assessments that are necessary or simply helpful inachieving their objectives with their contractor customers.  

CSTB is thus in a position to offer completeservices with high added value to manufacturers of construction products who would like to promoteand guarantee the quality of their products, in the context of voluntary or compulsory procedures.