Publishing, training, communication

Players working in the construction industry are facing fast changes to techniques and the organization of their work, more open markets and keener competition, stricter requirements in terms of quality and ever shortening deadlines. In this context, the exponential growth of information to be processed is difficult to reconcile with greater efficiency and productivity.

Information and communication technologies open up genuine prospects for satisfying the challenge of the acceleration in our societies through the development of fast and easy ways of accessing and using relevant information that everyone might need. CSTB has made a commitment towards this approach since the beginning of the 1990s, firstly by using CD-ROMs to provide a high performance and easy-to-use method of distributing and accessing organized sets of technical and regulatory documents containing complete texts, and then by developing new information and distribution vectors on the Internet, to replace or to supplement classical publishing and marketing media. Thus, CSTB offers editorial
information and publications that are suitable for companies and craftsmen, as far as form and content is concerned.