3D model for Nice Côte d'Azur airport

Construction of a new building, modification to aircraft landing approaches, evaluation of air quality as a function of air traffic, calculations of sound levels, etc.:  in many respects, constructing the multi-factor simulation tool sought by the managers of Nice Côte d’Azur airport was a bit like trying to square the circle.  However, Sophia Antipolis teams at CSTB took up the challenge.  They suggested the idea of making a fully interactive digital three-dimensional model to airport authorities.  "Starting from modeling existing buildings and infrastructures, it is possible to add or remove a construction and then to use a mouse and joystick with your computer to virtually move around all points in the airport to observe the impacts, says Souheil Soubra at CSTB.  Therefore the model can be used to test and refine development projects before deciding whether or not to make them."

A tool that will be upgraded over time

CSTB uses EVE (Enriched Virtual Environment), an extremely powerful software platform, to make such a virtual tool.  Once the model has been delivered, training courses can be offered to the customer so that he can enrich it himself.  "We would like our partners to be thoroughly familiar with the tool to keep it alive and upgrade it over time, emphasizes Eric Lebègue.  To achieve this, it is essential that the architects and design and engineering offices with which they cooperate provide them with data in a format compatible with this model."

The 3D model made for Nice Airport is used for technical evaluation of projects, and is designed to become an entirely dedicated communications and discussions support for passengers passing through it.  Therefore, there are no longer any classical small-scale completely fixed wooden mock-ups displayed under Plexiglas; they are replaced by interactive terminals made available to the public so that everyone can make their own “dynamic” visit of the planned developments or the work under construction.  And join us in the virtual era.


Une aide à la décision

Decision-making assistance

Some decisions to be made in terms of sustainable development can be complex because they involve various players, themselves having different problems to be solved.  This is the case for the Var plain that is destined to become a model zone in terms of sustainable development.  The interactive model for Nice airport will be used to test different development scenarios taking account of the impact of noise, air quality, air traffic, etc.  It will then become easier to determine the optimum configuration to satisfy objectives affecting the urban area covering the river estuary.