Partnership for earthquake-resistant construction in Haiti

Dieuseul Anglade (Bureau des Mines et de l'Energie - Mines & Energy Office), Nicolas Taillefer, Ménad Chénaf, Carole Le Gall (Managing Director, CSTB), Mr. Joseph (Managing Director, LNBTP), Bruno Mesureur and Pierre Carlotti.

CSTB has developed large expertise, evaluation and assistance to the construction community, particularly for the earthquake-resistant design of buildings.  The LNBTP, a multi-disciplinary laboratory providing technical support to the Ministry of Construction, plays a major role in Haiti.  It is responsible for supporting reconstruction of the country after the January 12 2010 earthquake that caused more than 200,000 deaths, 300,000 injured and 1.2 million homeless.

The purpose of the partnership is to mobilise CSTB's capabilities to provide technical support to the LNBTP to implement sustainable construction rules in Haiti, and particularly to reduce the seismic vulnerability of buildings.

Cooperation actions will be developed in the following fields:

  • Adoption of earthquake-resistant construction rules adapted to Haitian buildings;
  • Exploration of institutional solutions for controlling construction and guaranteeing that rules are respected;
  • Sharing knowledge of laboratory techniques, dealing with the evaluation of construction materials and products;
  • Institutional support and training of persons involved.

The organisations will work together to provide Haitians with a safer habitat.