An electromagnetic platform (PHELINE) at CSTB Grenoble

Anechoic room

The mass distribution of new and emerging technologies based on electronic devices now play a crucial role in our daily life, our communications and our lifestyle.  In urban environments, at the workplace  and at home, the use of these modern technologies are accompanied by a large increase in emissions of electromagnetic fields that might have adverse effects on persons.  Therefore, it is important to carefully control the human exposure and minimise the interactions with the users, while improving the performances of the systems that use or generate these emissions.  PHELINE helps to solve these problems by offering services to improve performances in compliance with safety standards and public health regulations.

Coupled reverberating chambers

The PHELINE platform is the result of an association of high technology resources, CSTB's and UJF's scientific and multidisciplinary expertise and Floralis's industrial service quality.  It provides its customers with administrative, training, consultancy, engineering and research services for the different application fields related to the use and development of new technologies including materials (insulation, glazing, etc.), components (antennas, electronic boards, etc.), equipment (mobile phones, domotics, household appliances, hi-fi, multimedia, etc.).

PHELINE is now a reference expert platform in technological research and engineering (sensors, new materials, smart objects, radiofrequency transmissions, etc.) as far as electromagnetic field emission, indoor/outdoor propagation and interactions are concerned.

The platform is the first brick in the INTEGRA project (part of the CAMPUS project), aimed at improving living environment  by promoting the successful integration of technological innovations in buildings and cities.

Eric Larrey - President of Floralis
Carole Le Gall - CSTB Managing Director
François Brottes - Member of Parliament for the 5th circumscription of the Isère department
Farid Ouabdesselam - President of UJF
Michel Issindou - Member of Parliament for the 2nd circumscription of the Isère department